Friday, February 25, 2011

The Pseudo-Jews: Masters of Hypocrisy

Who could forget when the Pseudo-Jews of the Jewish Funds for Justice said this in their letter to FOX head honcho Rupert Murdoch about Glenn Beck :


"In the charged political climate in the current civic debate, much is tolerated, and much is ignored or dismissed. But you diminish the memory and meaning of the Holocaust when you use it to discredit any individual or organization you disagree with. That is what Fox News has done in recent weeks, and it is not only 'left-wing rabbis' who think so."


So what are we to make of their silence when their Socialist Sugar Daddy, George $oros says this about Fox News to the Communist News Network's (CNN) Fareed Zakaria ?:


“Well, look, Fox News makes a habit — it has imported the methods of George Orwell, you know, newspeak, where you can tell the people falsehoods and deceive them, and you wouldn’t believe that an open society and a democracy, these methods can succeed. But, actually, they did succeed. They succeeded in — in Germany, where the Weimar Republic collapsed and you had a Nazi regime follow it. So this is a very, very dangerous way of deceiving people. And I would like people to be aware that they are being deceived. Now, I — because I saw it as a child, I immediately react that way. But the people in America, they are innocent. They haven’t had the experience. They’re having the experience now. And I hope they wake up and they realize that they are being deceived.”


Or, what are we to make of this comment from the Pseudo-Jews while Wisconsin does its best Greece imitation ? :


"Last week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed a budget that uses the fiscal crisis as an excuse to permanently weaken the state’s middle class, block pathways out of poverty, and force even greater insecurity on those who live paycheck to paycheck. We were heartened by the overwhelming response in support of hard working families, including those who have gathered in Madison to make their views heard. We share their goals, and hope others in the Jewish community will lend their voices to this pivotal battle over the basic rights of workers.

A few commentators have attempted the shift the public’s attention away from the substance of the dispute. They are focusing their outrage at a handful of signs and comments, out of thousands, comparing Gov. Perry [No, idiots, the guy's name is Walker.]

Jewish Funds for Justice has been working for the past year to help change the tone of passionate advocacy from destructive to constructive. Signs of Gov.Perry [ what's the use ?]with a Hitler moustache are destructive.

We had a feeling that the leaders of the protests, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, shared our views, so we asked them. Here was the response from their Secretary-Treasurer Stephanie Bloomingdale:

As hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites stand up to Gov. Scott Walker's anti-worker proposals, a few have expressed their anger by bringing signs or making statements that compare Gov. Walker to Hitler or characterize his policies as fascist. No matter how intense our political arguments become, there is no place for these kinds of comparisons or characterizations, which serve to diminish the horrors of the Nazi regime. I hope the media will not allow the language chosen by a few to characterize the community as a whole.

We're fighting for real people and real people's jobs here. We'll continue our work with civility, respect and tolerance even as we stand together for Wisconsin families.

This is a powerful statement, but it isn’t surprising. Nothing about the labor movement in Wisconsin would lead us to believe that the leadership condoned this kind of language. The leaders of most large rallies, regardless of their political orientation, often find themselves at odds with the signs or comments of some of the more zealous attendees. All of us can do our part to reduce the frequency and ease with which this rhetoric is employed. That said, those who pretend that the actions of an aberrant sign holder has the same impact as the actions of a leading elected representative or media figure are letting their political loyalty trump their moral compass."


I'll tell you what to make of it. It's the rank hypocrisy of the Pseudo-Jews of the Jewish Funds for Justice, a George $oros funded socialist front group that twists Judaism for their own selfish purposes.

If you'll note, the Pseudo-Jews will tolerate the non-sensical comparisons of Nazism to the American Right by the Progressivevik Left, but will never, ever allow the Right to make its own factual comparisons of the Authoritarian Left to Nazism. Does the Right agree with the murder of unborn babies because they're not perfect ? No, but the Left does and the Nazis did. Does the Right agree with using affirmative action and racial quotas ? No, but the Left does and the Nazis did. Does the Right believe in withholding medical care from the sick and infirm ? No, but the Left does and the Nazis did. Does the Right believe in the redistribution of wealth ? No, but the Left does and the Nazis did. (Quick reminder: Nazi is short for National SOCIALIST German Workers Party.) See a pattern ? I know I do.

Folks, we can't let the Pseudo-Jews of the Jewish Funds for Justice get away with crap like this. This is spitting on the memory of every victim of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was caused by an out of control government that decided to replace the norms of German society with the vitriol of Nazism much like the way the Left is seeking to replace the norms of American society with the vitriol of liberalism. We can't allow history to be thrown into the nearest Memory Hole. If Never Again is to truly mean never again, we must, whether you're a Jew or a Gentile, stand up to these liars and call them out on their crap. If we don't, history will repeat itself. Tell these modern day kapos to shove it.

To contact the Jewish Funds for Justice :




Be polite, but firm: Tell the Pseudo-Jews that their dishonest ways aren't appreciated. Tell them that their lies are an insult to Jews and Gentiles alike. Don't be cowed by their rhetoric. Remind them that $oros money may buy them ad space in the Wall Street Journal, a posh New York office, and a flashy website, but $oros blood money can never, ever buy the truth.

God help us all.

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