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Apologies, Olbermann ? You And Your Leftist Friends First.

On November 22nd, 1963, Communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

On June 5th, 1968, anti-Israeli extremist Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy.

The Weather Underground, which Chairman Obama sycophant Bill Ayers was a member of, spent 1969-1981 setting off bombs and committing armed robberies, all in the name of "social justice".

Ted Kaczynski, the leftist terrorist known as the Unabomber, has this catalogue of carnage to his credit:


1978 May 25–26 Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Terry Marker, campus police officer (minor injuries)

1979 May 9 Northwestern University John Harris, graduate student (slight burns)

November 15 Chicago, Illinois 12 American Airlines passengers (smoke inhalation)

1980 June 10 Chicago Percy Wood, United Airlines President (cuts and burns)

1981 October 8 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah none—bomb defused

1982 May 5 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee Janet Smith, university secretary (severe injury to hands requiring extensive rehabilitative treatment)

July 2 University of California, Berkeley, California Diogenes Angelakos, professor (right hand and face burns; near complete recovery)

1985 May 15 University of California, Berkeley John Hauser, graduate student( partial loss of vision in left eye, loss of four fingers on right hand )

June 13 Auburn, Washington none—bomb defused

November 15 Ann Arbor, Michigan James V. McConnell and Nicklaus Suino (McConnell: hearing loss; Suino: shrapnel wounds )

December 11 Sacramento, California Hugh Scrutton, computer rental store owner( first fatality)

1987 February 20 Salt Lake City, Utah Gary Wright, computer store owner( Severe nerve damage to left arm, reconstructive surgery required.)

1993 June 22 Tiburon, California Charles Epstein, University of California geneticist (destroyed both eardrums, lost parts of three fingers)

June 24 Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut David Gelernter, computer science professor (right hand and right eye)

1994 December 10 North Caldwell, New Jersey Thomas J. Mosser, advertising executive (second fatality)

1995 April 24 Sacramento, California Gilbert P. Murray, timber industry lobbyist (third fatality )


Try as I might, I just can't find any examples of the the Lamestream Media telling the Left to turn down the volume on any its rhetoric after any of these acts of Leftist terr--er, uh, "man made disasters". Another thing I can't find is notable figures on the Right blaming any of these horrors on Leftist publications or the Leftist media.

That's what makes the reaction of the Professional Left to Saturday's attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords so appalling to anyone with a lick of common sense. Once again, the Left had taken its own sorry history and thrown it into the nearest Memory Hole to crucify Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea Party. It was ugly, with Paul Krugman and Markos Moulitsas leading the charge against anyone to the right of Lenin. (For more on these two lunkheads, see my coulmn, Never Let A Good Tragedy Go To Waste on January 8th.) They acted like two year olds with a poop in their shorts, no question, but as abominable as they were, they were nowhere near as wretched as PMSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

The man who stole a Murrow Award for "excellence in electronic media" had this to say about the tragedy in Tuscon, during his "Special Comments" segment:


" Finally tonight, as promised, a Special Comment on the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. We need to put the guns down. Just as importantly we need to put the gun metaphors away and permanently.

Left, right, middle – politicians and citizens – sane and insane. This morning in Arizona, this age in which this country would accept 'targeting' of political opponents and putting bullseyes over their faces and of the dangerous blurring between political rallies and gun shows, ended.

This morning in Arizona, this time of the ever-escalating, borderline-ecstatic invocation of violence in fact or in fantasy in our political discourse, closed. It is essential tonight not to demand revenge, but to demand justice; to insist not upon payback against those politicians and commentators who have so irresponsibly brought us to this time of domestic terrorism, but to work to change the minds of them and their supporters – or if those minds tonight are too closed, or if those minds tonight are too unmoved, or if those minds tonight are too triumphant, to make sure by peaceful means that those politicians and commentators and supporters have no further place in our system of government.

At this news conference this evening, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik took the extraordinary step of reporting details of not the crime scene alone but rather of the political and cultural climate. I think it’s time as a country to do soul searching because I think rhetoric we hear day in and day out from the people in the radio business and some people in the tv business. And what we see on tv and how our youngsters are being raised. It may be free speech but without consequences. Arizona is the mecca of prejudice and bigotry.

If Sarah Palin, whose website put and today scrubbed bullseye targets on 20 Representatives including Gabby Giffords, does not repudiate her own part however, tangential in amplifying violence and violent imagery in politics, she must be dismissed from politics – she must be repudiated by the members of her own party, and if they fail to do so, each one of them must be judged to have silently defended this tactic that today proved so awfully foretelling, and they must in turn be dismissed by the responsible members of their own party.

If Jesse Kelly, whose campaign against Congresswoman Giffords included an event in which he encouraged his supporters to join him firing machine guns, does not repudiate this, does not admit that even if it was solely indirectly, or solely coincidentally, it contributed to the black cloud of violence that has enveloped our politics, he must be repudiated by Arizona’s Republican Party.

If Congressman Allen West, who during his successful campaign told his supporters that they should make his opponent afraid to come out of his own home, does not repudiate those remarks and all other suggestions of violence or forced fear, he should be repudiated by his constituents and the Republican Congressional Caucus.

If Sharron Angle, who spoke of 'Second Amendment remedies,' does not repudiate that remark and urge her supporters to think anew of the terrible reality of what her words implied, she must be repudiated by her supporters in Nevada.

If the Tea Party leaders who took out of context a Jefferson quote about blood and tyranny and the tree of liberty do not understand – do not understand tonight, now, what that really means, and these leaders do not tell their followers to abhor violence and all threat of violence, then those Tea Party leaders must be repudiated by the Republican Party.

If Glenn Beck, who obsesses nearly as strangely as Mr. Loughner did about gold and debt and who wistfully joked about killing Michael Moore, and Bill O’Reilly, who blithely repeated 'Tiller the Killer' until the phrase was burned into the minds of his viewers, if do not begin their next broadcasts with solemn apologies for ever turning to the death-fantasies and the dreams of blood-lust, for ever having provided just the oxygen to those deep in madness to whom violence is an acceptable solution, then those commentators and the others must be repudiated by their viewers and listeners, and by all politicians, who appear on their programs, including President Obama and his planned interview with Fox on Super Bowl Sunday and repudiated by the sponsors, and by the networks that employ them. And if all of these are not responsible for what happened in Tucson, they must now be responsible for doing everything they can to make Tucson does not happen again.

And if those of us considered to be 'on the left' do not re-dedicate ourselves to our vigilance to eliminate all our own suggestions of violence – how ever inadvertent they might have been, then we too deserve the repudiation of the more sober and peaceful of our politicians and our viewers and our networks.

Here, once, in a clumsy metaphor, I made such an unintended statement about the candidacy of then-Senator Clinton. It sounded as if it was a call to physical violence. It was wrong, then. It is even more wrong tonight. I apologize for it again, and I urge politicians and commentators and citizens of every political conviction to use my comment as a means to recognize the insidiousness of violent imagery, that if it can go so easily and slip into the comments of one as opposed to violence as me, how easily, how pervasively, how disastrously it can slip into the already-violent or deranged mind?

For tonight we stand at one of the clich├ęd crossroads of American history. Even if the alleged terrorist Jared Lee Loughner was merely shooting into a political crowd because he wanted to shoot into a political crowd, even if he was somehow unaware who was in the crowd, we have nevertheless for years been building up to a moment like this. Despite the Youtube videos in what it appears to be Loughner referring specifically to the eighth Congress District of Arizona, Gabby Giffords District, assume the details are coincidence. The violence is not. The rhetoric has devolved and descended, past the ugly and past the threatening and past the fantastic and into the imminently murderous.

We will not return to the 1850s, when a pro-slavery Congressman nearly beat to death an anti-slavery Senator; when an anti-slavery madman cut to death with broadswords pro-slavery advocates.

We will not return to the 1960s, when with rationalizations of an insane desire for fame, or of hatred, or of political opposition, a President was assassinated and an ultra-Conservative would-be president shot at and paralyzed, and a leader of peace was murdered on a balcony. We will not.

Because tonight, what Mrs. Palin, and what Mr. Kelly, and what Congressman West, and what Ms. Angle, and what Mr. Beck, and what Mr. O’Reilly, and what you and I must understand, was that the man who fired today did not fire at a Democratic Congresswoman and her supporters.

He was not just a madman incited by a thousand daily temptations by slightly less-mad-men to do things they would not rationally condone.

He fired today into our liberty and our rights to live and to agree or disagree in safety and in freedom from fear that our support or opposition will cost us our lives or our health or our sense of safety. The bulls-eye might just as well have been on Mrs. Palin, or Mr. Kelly, or you, or me. The wrong, the horror, would have been – could still be just as real and just as unacceptable.

At a time of such urgency and impact, we as Americans – conservative or liberal – should pour our hearts and souls into our politics. We should not – none of us, not Gabby Giffords and not any Conservative – ever have to pour our blood. And every politician and commentator who hints otherwise, or worse still stays silent now, should have no place in our political system, and should be denied that place, not by violence, but by being shunned and ignored.

It is a simple pledge, it is to the point, and it is essential that every American politician and commentator and activist and partisan and take it and take it now, I say it first, and freely:

Violence, or the threat of violence, has no place in our Democracy, and I apologize for and repudiate any act or any thing in my past that may have even inadvertently encouraged violence. Because for whatever else each of us may be, we all are Americans. Good night and good luck. "


The most galling thing about this insult to all of our intelligence is this: By the time Olbermann had taken to the air, the facts about Jared Loughner were already out: Loughner was a mentally ill bottom feeder that had nothing to do with the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, or anyone on the Right. His nonsensical ramblings were all over the Internet and cable news. I could be spitballing here, but I'm fairly certain Olbermann has access to the Internet. I'm also sure he has access to a television. Yet, the Murrow Award winner decided to grind his political axe anyway. Sure, some will point to his half hearted mea culpa about some comment that he made that no one remembers or cares about. Some will also point that the he admonished the Left in his tirade. This too, is complete crap-ola. He doesn't name names or call out anyone on the Left, like he did Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Jesse Kelly, and the Tea Party. At this point, I'd like to call the failed sports commentator a jerk, but that's unfair to jerks. I'd call him an asshole, but that's unfair to assholes. No, I think I'll just call him what the rest of the world already calls him:



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