Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stupid Is As Government Does

You really have to hand it to our Washington Oppressors. When you think they can't be anymore incompetent, they pull yet another dead rabit out of Uncle Sam's tattered top hat.

Needless to say, I'm not exactly a fan of the Not So Great Tax Compromise of 2010. Once again, the Democrat party has proven that its motto is: "From Each According To His Abilities To Each According to His Needs". Once again, the Republican party has proven their motto is: "Thank you, sir. Can I have another ?" Really, this fiasco proves the soon to be famous adage true: Stupid is As Government Does.


Reason #1 This Is A Great Example of Stupid is As Government Does: It's going to take a hell of lot more than extending the Bush Tax Cuts to jump start the economy.

Don't get me wrong: I'm glad that the taxes of small business owners will remain stable for at least two years. Regardless of what the Professional Left and its leaders like the untalented Keith Olbermann think, this will keep some us Proles from getting canned. However, the economy will not and can not grow with medium to large businesses paying 35% of their income to the Big Stupid Animal known as government. The Republican Panty (No, that's not a typo.) should have fought for an actual, breathing, cut. Another problem is the fact that the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts is that it has an expiration date. Any temporary momentum the economy receives from this will evaoporate in two years, possibly setting off another recession as the Mental Midgets on The Hill cause all kinds of chaos over the battle to keep them going during a Presidential election. At very best, this is a push. A push onto the train heading toward Economic Armageddon.


Reason #2 This Is A Great Example of Stupid is As Government Does: How on God's green, and not to mention cooling, earth are the additional 13 months of unemployment going to be paid for ?

As if anyone needed further proof that crystal meth addicts have better spending habits than Chairman Obama, the Not So Great Compromise also provides an additional 13 months of unemployment compensation. In other words, unemployment has now turned into welfare. Of course, there's no game plan to actually pay for this, like taking the 120 billion this government largesse will cost out of unused Stimulus funds, for example. Oh no. Apparently, our Dear Leader has decided once again to wing it. (In other words, print the money or borrow it from the loan shark known as China.) Even the tax hike that Benedict McConnell and John Arnold (the Estate Tax) agreed to won't pay for it, so exactly where is this money coming from ? Where ? Where ? Where ?

Our pockets, when all of the Bush Tax Cuts expire for good, probably.


Stupid is as government that I say:

God help us all.

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