Sunday, November 7, 2010

A November To Remember, Indeed.

I deliberately took my time to write this column. I didn't want it to be lost in the chorus of "We Won, The Democrat Party Sucks".

The janitor is sweeping up the confetti. The few stragglers are calling cabs for rides home. The victory keg is empty.

Now, it's time to talk sense.

Yes, November 2, 2010 will go down as one of the Right's greatest victories. There's no denying that. The Right not only took the Shack of Representatives, boat loads of governorships and state legislatorships. It made the '94 Midterms look sick in comparison. The Tea Party activists who made this happen deserve all the credit in the world. is not the time to get cocky, True Believer.

We can't take this victory for granted. We can't take 2008 and toss it into the nearest Memory Hole. In 2008, the lamestream media wrote the obituary for the Conservative Movement. Yet, we bounced back. Who's to say that the villianous left can't do the same ? They have the infrastructure to do so. The left owns Hollywood, the lamestream media, and they still have a dangerous grassroots movement thanks to socialist sugar daddy George Soros. We can't take a break a now. The stakes are higher than ever.

To keep up the momentum, the Right must do the following:

•Watch the newbies very carefully. Washington is a very dangerous place, and quite frankly, there's something in the water up there. The moment any of them says the words "bipartisan" or "compromise", let's mail them a tea bag with a little note attached that reads "Remember who brought you to the dance."

•Get out to the colleges and snatch the youth vote away from Chairman Obama and his comrades. Pound it into the thick skulls of college kids that if something isn't done, there won't be any jobs for them when they graduate. If 2010 proved anything, it proved that it's all fun and games until someone gets hit in wallet. Kids don't go to college to become leftists, they go there so they don't spend the rest of their lives as telemarketers or flipping burgers.

•Finish the revolution and get rid of the rest of the Republican establishment, the architects of the 2008 disaster. The Lindsey Grahamnestys, the Olympia Snowejobs, and the like have to go. This may sound weird, but I'd rather have a guy like Joe Manchin, a Conservative Democrat, in the Imperial Senate than someone like Grahamnesty.

A complete victory is around the corner, folks. It's halftime, not the two minute warning. The score is 7-7. If we fumble or throw a pick....

God help us all.

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