Monday, November 15, 2010

It's A Beautiful Thing....

"It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."-- Inner Party Member Syme, From George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four


This may shock a few regular readers of this column, but I whole heartedly agree with Syme. Some words aren't fit to be used anymore and they should be destroyed. Don't worry, True Believer. I'm not going to go all politicalcorrectthink on you. You and I will still be able to use the words I am about to destroy whenever we like. Only a very, very small group of people shouldn't use these words that I am about to toss in the Memory Hole.

The words I am about to destroy are compromise and bipartisan. The select group that cannot use these new unwords are the newly elected Republican Congressmen, Imperial Senators, governors, and state legislators. Like Ingsoc, I'm betting that if the words don't exist, the concepts that the words represent will die. Yes, it's as harsh as it sounds, but desperate times often call for desperate measures.

I realize there are some out there who will consider the last two paragraphs as some of the most ignorant, obstructionist, partisan things they have ever read. I also realize there will be some who will say that both parties have to work together in order to pull America out of the "ditch" that Chairman Obama keeps blithering about. To those people, I say this: Grow a set and then dip 'em in some molten brass.

First of all, one must understand what the Midterm Massacre was all about in the first place. It was an active rejection of Chairman Obama and the Progressivevik ideology. Call me crazy and off my meds, but America is not nor ever will be a place that will sit back and allow government to run the show. We're hard-wired as a people to mistrust big government and the horrors that go hand in hand with it. The reason why we don't trust big government is because we've seen it fail time after time, not only in this county, but throughout the world. Regardless of what Bill Maher and the rest of the Professional Left says, Americans are not stupid. We The People saw the inherent fascism in TARP, the Obamacareless scam, Cap and Trade, and all of the rest of the Progressivevik schemes and plots that were thrown our way in the last two years. We didn't like it, and hence the Midterm Massacre.

Another thing to consider is America's love of political gridlock. I know this may be an odd thing to say, given the challenges we face today as a nation. However, a gridlocked government can't grow. A gridlocked government can't create more useless, soulless bureaucracy. A gridlocked government is naturally Conservative since spending one solitary dime takes hours upon hours of debate. Most importantly, a gridlocked government no longer has the power to oppress. For proof of this little theory of mine, look at 1980-2000. The United States had unparalleled economic expansion. Why ? There was a divided government every step of the way. Ronald Reagan had to deal with a Democrat Congress, as did Bush the First. The Horny Hick Bill Clinton had to deal with Newt Gingrich and his Consrevative crew. While Washington was busy fighting itself, the rest of us were able to ignore the Big Mommy Regime and live our lives in relative peace. A Conservative dream, indeed.

Ahhhh....smell that ? I've just tossed compromise and bipartisan into the nearest Memory Hole. Watching those words burn was truly a beautiful thing. Hey, Newbies! I have no problem dropping the dime on you to Thinkpol if I catch you using the new unwords !

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