Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Honesty Is The Best Policy

One thing that annoys me about the 2+2=5 Mob that calls itself the mainstream media is their lack of honesty. Whether it's the talentless hack Keith Olbermann telling his ten viewers that 45,000 Americans die every year from a lack of health insurance or Joyless Behar telling us she's a human and not a devil spawn, every day we're bombarded with lie after lie by the Ministry of Truth. Most of the time, I brush them off. Some of them are so outrageous they're not even worth repeating, let alone writing a column about. However, the latest lie about how tolerant the left is about religion... well, it's time to make 2+2=4 again.

Let's take a look at these two quotes from Katie Couric.


"There is a debate to be had about the sensitivity of building this center so close to Ground Zero. But we can not let fear and rage tear down the towers of our core American values." -- Katie Couric's Notebook, 8-23-10.


"Some of the values, depending on your perspective, may be deemed wholesome, but in other ways, I think people will see this community as eschewing diversity and promoting intolerance. Do you think the tenets of the community might result in defacto segregation as a result of some of the beliefs that are being espoused by the majority of the residents there ? You can understand how people would hear some of these things and be like, wow, this is really infringing on civil liberties and freedom of speech and right to privacy and all sorts of basic tenets that this country was founded on, right ?" Katie Couric questioning Tom Monaghan and Paul Marinelli's vision of a Christian community. 3-3-06. (Quote from S.E. Cupp's Losing Our Religion)


So, Kates, does that mean Christianity is a religion of hate and radical Islam is a religion of peace ? C'mon, Kates, be honest. That's what you really think, right ? Remember, honesty is the best policy!
Folks, the 2+2=5 Mob, whether it's Inner Party Member Couric or Inner Party Member Maddcow, couldn't give a rat's rear end about religious tolerance, since the grand majority of them are angry atheists like Inner Party Member Maher. Whenever the ACLU shows up in fly-over country to knock over a Nativity Scene, the media cheers them on, like Romans cheering on the lions. Why is that, you ask ? The left hates God and wants to replace Him with government. No one must be bigger or be more important than Big Mommy and her Regime. That's why they'll stoop to any level, including pitting Jews, Christians, and Muslims against each other, in their effort to destroy religion.
 Let's look at the left's latest sacred cow, Feisal Abdul Rauf's proposal of a Hamasque at Ground Zero and resulting hubballoo it created as prime example of this religion bating by the lefties. The left actively supports it because they can portray those who oppose it as small minded bigots. Nevermind the fact that 77% of voters (which at last check includes Muslims) oppose the House of Hatred, the Progressivevik left fully supports it. They certainly can't let a good controversy go to waste, just like Ol' Rahmbo can't let a good crisis go to waste. So the moment the first anti-Hamasque sign was waved, Progressiveviks from Sea to Shining Sea started screeching about tolerance, as if opposing the Hamasque was somehow un-American. They also knew the firestorm they were igniting would obviously pit Jews and Christians against Muslims, so Progressivevik frauds like Katie Couric and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg kept fanning the flames. Why ? To discredit religion and to show America that religion creates hatred, that's why.
Since honesty is the best policy, I'll be honest with you, dear reader. I'm not the most religious guy around. I don't remember one word of Hebrew from my Bar-Mitzvah, and as far as I'm concerned, if it doesn't have bacon on it, it isn't food. However, I still identify myself as a Jew and I'm a real big fan of The Big Conservative Upstairs. I know He has my back, and I'll always have His. While God protects my soul, I'll always protect His reputation here on Earth from the Progressiveviks who want to trash it.
Normally, I end this column with "God help us all". In this case, it isn't appropriate. He's given us plenty of help and guidance with religion. Let's not let the Progressiveviks take away that gift.

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