Friday, September 17, 2010

Character Does Matter!

Does anyone remember when Anderson Cooper said this gem on the Communist News Network (aka --CNN) :


"At issue, a video of a sermon given by Barack Obama's minister at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. We're running it because--like it or not-- it has become an issue. All this seems to have nothing to do with actual issues that the country is facing, which these candidates should be talking about and we should be talking about."


Yeah, I don't remember that, either. Like the rest of America, I learned to tune out CNN a long time ago. (Luckily, SE Cupp did remember! This quote came from Ms. Cupp's fantastic tome, Losing Our Religion. You'll laugh! You'll cry! Most of all, you won't resent the $24.00 you have to shell out for it, unlike, say a book written by Ed Schultz, just to name a poor writer who can't carry on a run-on sentence like I can and still have it be funny.)

Don't worry. This isn't going be another *YAWN* tale about how Barack Obama is actually a closet Muslim or his mind was warped by his twenty plus years in Jeremiah Wrong's church. We'll leave out how Chairman Obama received an endorsement from noted Jew hater and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. We'll forget for now how our Dear Leader called America "a great Muslim nation". Aw heck, I'll even let the Failed Messiah off the hook for supporting the House of Hatred mosque at Ground Zero. What can I say ? I'm a helluva guy in a helluva mood. (Or, perhaps, my Official Glenn Beck tinfoil hat is too tight. Hey, Congressman Weiner! Forget that Goldline witch hunt! We need you to inevstigate these tinfoil hats they're hawking on Insider Extreme! One size fits all, my a$$! They're violating the Americans with Disabilities Act! It's not my fault my cranium is almost the size of Keith Olbermann's!)

Actually, this column is about character and how the lamestream media mocks it.

See, folks, the leftists who pretend to be journalists are not like you and I. They don't see things the way we do, with the antiquated notions of "right" and "wrong". Their indoctrination, either at the Ministry of Love or their "colleges", apparently does not allow them to have what we in the rest of the country call "morals". As a result, everything that most Americans find virtuous, they find hideous. Talk about guns and the Second Amendment, Chrissy Matthews of PMSNBC curses at you. Voice your opinion about marriage being between a man and a woman, Perez Hilton calls you a "[rhymes with itch]". Dare to assemble peacably to petition the Big Mommy Regime to redress your greviences, Rachel Maddcow calls you a "teabagger". Needless to say, I know some alley cats with better codes of conduct than most journalists.

Nothing, however, gets the 2+2=5 Mafia more riled up than a Conservative with some character. Like I didn't want to bore you with another story about Chairman Obama being a crypto-Islamic Radical, I'm not going to bore you with another "Why Can't They Leave Poor Sarah Palin Alone" column. This one is about Christine O'Donnell, the Imperial Senate candidate from Delaware.

Every time this poor lady has been mentioned in the lamestream media, she's been hammered without mercy or quarter. The New York Slimes couldn't help but note that O'Donnell was a "Roman Catholic who for a time considered herself an evangelical" as if she were a dangerous religious extremist who might try to reintroduce the Inquisition. (Were she to champion Shariah law like Feisal Abdul Rauf, she'd be considered a moderate, if not a saint, by the editorial staff at the Slimes.) The Washington Compost made sure to mock O'Donnell's religious beliefs as well as the upbringing of most Christian teenagers by calling their religious schooling into question. In fact, Compost blogger Elizabeth Tenety wrote in their "Under God" blog:


"O'Donnell knows her theology. This particular point, that sex is for mutual self giving in marriage, is familiar to Christian and Catholic teenagers indoctrinated by hours and hours of religion classes examining the fine print on human sexuality."


Tell me: Why is this a bad thing ?

Why would anyone not want to have a person with strong, mainstream, religious values serving in government ? Call me crazy and off my meds, but isn't someone who has religious values far more likely to act honsetly than someone who doesn't ? I know there are plenty of examples of hypocrisy, like Mark Sanford in South Carolina or the majority of televangelists. I get it, but on the whole, most religious people are more honest than non-believers. They know that God is watching them and act accoringly. Not a bad deal, especially if you're vying for a seat in the cess pool known as the United States Senate. Why, it's almost as bad as Chicago up there!

The point is this, folks. We'll never get out of this mess if we don't start electing people like Christine O'Donnell. Say what you want about her financial skills or her oratory. Fine. Politics isn't for the faint at heart. But we as a nation need more people with her courage and conviction to lead us. No, I'm not asking for a theocracy, and I'm certainly not demanding that every politician be a Christian. However, we're going to keep spinning our wheels if we let the lamestream media be the sole judge on political candidates' character.

God help us all.

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