Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weep For The Future

If you have any doubt that our eductaional system is in trouble, check out this exchange between Conservative activist David Horowitz and some drone in training at the University of California-San Diego, as reported by the Daily Caller:

Student Questioner: “Isn’t that kind of what the founding fathers did when they were fighting the British? It’s kind of like the same thing.”

David Horowitz: “Except there’s one big difference. The founding fathers weren’t Nazis. They didn’t want to exterminate. They weren’t religious fanatics who wanted to exterminate people.

Student Questioner: “The Puritans weren’t religious fanatics? The Puritans weren’t religious fanatics?”

Horowitz: “They were religious people who believed in tolerance because they were refugees from religious oppression."

Student: “You’re right they were so free of religion that they set up dictatorships and expelled people. Remember, like, the witch trials?”

Horowitz: “Save your communist speech for the Finklestein event. Enough. Enough. It’s boring. You’re boring. And by the way she could have picked up this idiocy in the standard text for peace studies… Thanks for sitting for an hour and a half to deliver that rant… Trotsky once said that Stalinism was the perfect theory for gluing up the brain. But it’s leftism.”

We all know full well that this dimwitted drone in training didn't come up with her "theories" on her own. I'm sure she's a reader, like you know, like Facebook and Myspace, and like OMG she can like text 60 words per minute. The student in the above dialogue is a product of years and years of indoctrination by the Ministry of lamestream media and the public education system. This is what our children are becoming: members of the Junior Spies ready to rat out their parents to the Thought Police without an original thought of their own. We are in a dangerous place, to say the least.
 Our history, even with all its warts, is what makes America American. It should be taught without cheerleading, of course. However, unlike other countries, the United States actually learns from its mistakes and corrects them. For example, the American people were freaked out by FDR's four terms as President, so they enacted the Twenty Second Amendment to ensure no one else tries to become the American Fuhrer. We The People are not as stupid as They The Progressiveviks think. We know what is good about our Founding and what needed to be corrected. Thanks to the educational abuse heaped on them everyday, our children are becoming They The Progressiveviks, as evidenced by the above dialogue.
 All the Tea Parties, Randslides, Scott Brown-gasms, and the like, aren't going to mean a hill of beans if the next generation falls for the next Chairman Obama's lies. Sure, winning the War on Terror, stopping Obamacareless, re-igniting the economy, and killing cap and trade are vital to our country's survival. No question about it. However, it will all be for naught if we don't fix our educational system. We can't allow our country to devolve into an endless cycle of Progressivevik failure and Conservative reforms. America won't survive that. That's why We The People must make educational reform a top priority.
 If we don't.... God help us all.

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