Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've Noticed Something...

Sunday was Morther's Day. Mother's Day is the time when we not only honor the sacrifices of our mothers, but it's also the time when we thank her from bringing us into the world.

But, if you'll note, there's no "Vacuuming A Fetus Out of Your Womb Day".

May 30th is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the day we honor those who fell in battle to keep us free of oppression.

But, if you'll note, there's no "Draft Dodger Day" to honor the spineless Progressiveviks, like Chrissy Mathews, who joined the Peace of Crap Corps to avoid going to Vietnam.

June 21st is Father's Day. It's the day we recognize dear old Dad, who works his fingers to the bone.

But, if you'll note, there's no "My Baby's Daddy May Be John Edwards Day".

Then after that, there's that day that the Progressiveviks dread most: The Fourth of July. It's the time when we honor the birth of our country while the Progressiveviks plot and scheme at Starbucks.

But, if you'll note, there's no "Social Justice Day" (As of this writing.)

We could go on and on, like there's a Veteran's Day, but not a national "Don't Ask Don't Tell Day" and we celebrate religious holidays in December but not "Secular Humanist Winter Solstices". Why, why is that ?

The American people do not, as a whole, find anything the Progressiveviks have said or done since the Wilsonian Error noteworthy or laudable. That's because, despite the lamestream media's best efforts to protray the American people as leftist, as say, the French, America is, and always will be, a center Right country. That's why Chairman Obama has tanked in the polls. That's why Princess Nancy, Ruler of the People's Republic of Pelosi, will get her synthetic rump kicked off of her throne. That's why Americans screamed "WTF ?!" at the top of their lungs when Chairman Obama unveiled Obamacareless. Everything the Progressivevik left stands for is the exact opposite of what normal people with functioning brains believe in.

The very fact that holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, and the like still exist is the fact that American people still cherish the Conservative ideals of patriotism and family. Despite the hysterics of The Human Rat Keith Olbermann, Crissy Matthews getting thrills up his leg, and the frantic mooing of Rachel Maddcow, America hasn't, and will never, give up its core values. The American people won't give an inch when it comes their values. No, Olbermann, we're not selfish because we don't want to pay for our neighbor's health care. No, Chrissy, we refuse to sing the Horst Wessel song when we see a glimpse of Chairman Obama's image. No, Rachel Maddcow, we aren't exactly enthralled with the idea of gay marriage being forced upon us by some activist judge, either. We'll make up our own minds on this, thank you. We don't need the Progressivevik left to think for us. That's why we keep these holidays around, no matter how unpoliticalcorrectthink they are. They are a snap shot of the American psyche, and we cherish what they symbolize.

We The People want leadership that recognizes this. We don't want any thing to do with "fundamentally changing America". We The People are quite fond of what we have and we're not giving another inch to these warmed over Commies and social malcontents. We The People are the movers and shakers, We The People are the builders and the doers, They The Progressiveviks are not. They The Progressiveviks are the outsiders and the destroyers. We The People shouldn't be cowed by the hissing and scratching of They The Progressiveviks. We The People are right. They The Progressiveviks are wrong.

I've noticed something our elected "leaders" will never figure out.

God help us all.

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