Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do We Have To Go Over This Again ?

Recently, while filling in for The Human Rat Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, whoever the hell he is, had Mark Williams, a Tea Party organizer on his show that had 12 Progressivevik Drones glued to their TV. It was the same old "Why do you hate blacks and Jews ?" Blah, blah, blah, Progressivevik whining, blah, blah, blah.

This is getting old, but I feel the need to once again address this idiocy at the risk of putting you, my dear reader, in a coma. For those of you who are sick and tired of this, I apologize, but I'm afraid we'll have to tread down this path once again.

I've been to a few Tea Parties in my time. You know what ? No one yelled at me, "Get lost Jew!" No one yelled at the blacks in attendance. No one yelled at the Hispanics in attendance. They did yell "keep your grubby hands off my health care!" They did yell "keep your paws off of my guns!" But nothing that would get Robert Byrd motivated enough to ditch his walker and take his hood and robes out of the closet. No one was chanting the crap that the Westboro Baptist Church has been spewing, that's for sure. Between protecting their health care and preserving their God given right to bear arms, they were waving Allen West signs and chanting for Marco Rubio. For those of you who aren't following Florida politics, Marco Rubio is Cuban American and Allen West is black. None of the Tea Partiers cared about what race they were, they cared about what these fine gentlemen stand for: Real American values.

I think what bugs the Progressivevik Democrat Party the most, and the reason they spew the lies and hatred about the Tea Party is simple: The Tea Party is doing the job of the old Democratic Party used to do. It is the Tea Party, not the Progressivevik Democrat Party that is standing up for the middle class. It is the Tea Party, not the Progressivevik Democrat Party, that decries the crony capitalism of the Bailouts and the shifty deals being cooked up with Cap and Trade. It is the Tea Party, not the Democrat Progressivevik Party trying their damnedest to rescue Medicare. Boy oh boy, are those Tea Party folks a bunch Rightwing Extremists, or what ? (If you don't believe me, Rasmussen has discovered that over 40% of the Tea Party are either Democrats or Independents.)

What aggravates me the most is when I see limo riding Progressiveviks like Olbermann, Janeane Garofolo, this Ratigan dork, and Nancy Pelosi attack the little old ladies and old World War II vets who show up at the rallies. It makes my blood boil becase these elitist snobs are insulting someone's grandma or grandpa. Have these elitist jerks forgotten that it's these folks who actually count and not them or their rambling ? It's folks like the waitress who knows her customers' names by heart who matter. It's the hockey mom who juggles practice and dance recital who matters. It's the sheriff who pulled me over for having a broken tail light who matters. Why, even the annoying telemarketer who annoys you at dinner time matters more than these people, and I use that term loosely. Keith Olbermann and his dorky baseball card collection doesn't matter. Janeane Garofolo and her failed acting career doesn't matter. Nancy Pelosi will be a political unperson come November. Dylan Ratigan ? Well, I still don't know who he is, and frankly, I'm not going to bother Googling him. If these people want to take a swipe at anyone, I'm right here. My writing career could use the boost. Lay off the real people, you phonies!

Folks, one last thing: please, whatever you do, don't email me to tell me who Dylan Ratigan is. I just don't care.

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