Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey Calsoc! Bleep You!

In the Land of Fruits and Nuts, the insane state assembly has decided to pass a ceremonial ban on potty mouths. You read that that right: the state of California, gazillions of dollars in the red, is worried about cursing. Some say it's to keep Rahm Emmanuel out of the state, but I'd have to say that theory is pretty "f-ing ret--" [Message from Thought Police: We are watching, you pal.]

Don't get your Conservative tightie-whities in a bunch. Just like our immigration laws, this CalSoc (newspeak for Californian socialism) stupidity won't be enforced. But, like any other Progressivevik attack on our freedoms, it got the little hamster in my brain working overtime on his treadmill. Is this what the leftists really think about Free Speech ? [Message from Thought Police: Damn skippy, we do.] Do we really need the government telling us what say, even in some ceremonial ban ? [Message from Thought Police: Yes, you do.] Does anyone not see the danger in all of this ?

Of all the freedoms we have, Freedom of Speech is one of the most important rights we have. (Despite what Obama and his Progressivevik allies think, the Second and Tenth Amendments are pretty damn important, too, but that's another rant for another time.) Without Freedom of Speech, there is no America. The first thing every dictator from Caesar's time on down has taken away is Freedom of Speech. It makes the populance more pliable to their whims, as the removal of this cherished freedom sucks the life right out of the citizenry, much like watching Olympic curling with Al Snore after taking a few downers. To have the whack job Calsoc assembly even hint at some sort of "ceremonial" edict that mocks Freedom of Speech is an insult to every man or woman who has ever put on a uniform in the military. It's a doubleplus insult to anyone who has died defending this country's cherished Freedoms. The very best of us serve, and the very best of them die for our country. Although the Calsoc edict is purely ceremonial, it's spitting on the graves of every solidier, sailor, airman, or marine who died in hell holes like Valley Forge, Okinawa, or Fallujah to keep us free, even to curse.

Hey Calsoc! Bleep you and take your edict and shove it!

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