Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nazis, Eh ?

The political Right is always accused of being Nazis by the treacherous Progressivevik left, when in reality, it is the leftists who are the heirs apparent to the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Day after day, we have have drones like Chrissy Matthews and Rachel Madcow prattling on and on about the supposed Nazi-like horrors of the Right while their fellow drones nod as if it were a reflexive action. With all due apologies to Jonah Goldberg and his beyond awesome book Liberal Fascism, let's examine this idiocy so we can file it under "f" for "f-ing ret--" (Oops! I forgot! Only Rahm Emmanuel is allowed to use those words.)

Reason#1 Why the Progressiveviks are really Nazis: Both believe in the concentration of political power in one place.

The Nazis concentrated the political power of the Third Reich in Berlin. Gone were the states of the Weimar Republic, replaced by Gaus run by Nazi cronies known as Gauletiers. Within a year or so of Hitler seizing power, each Gau was exactly like the other. The sham laws made by the Reichstag overrode any local law. This made laws like the infamous Nuremberg Law very easy to enforce.

The same can be said about how American states are becoming identical because a bloated Uncle Sugar has become huge, mostly because the horrid Seventeenth Amendment that took away the state governments' representation in the federal government. (The Seventeenth Amendment, for those of you with a public school education, took away the state legislature's right to appoint Imperial Senators and had them directly elected by the people. Thank you very damn much, early twentieth century Progressiveviks!) With the Seventeenth Amendment, the federal government was given carte blanche to use and abuse the states in any way they saw fit. (See the 55 mph speed limit and the Department of Education for further details.) The Seventeenth Amendment, one of the Progressiveviks' first daggers into the heart of liberty, has helped make one state virtually indistinguishable from the other, taking away the power of the American people to "vote with their feet". If they were unhappy in the socialist dystopia known as New York, they were free to go to the sunny shores of Florida or the great state of Texas and find life much better, for example. Now, there are very few differences between the states other than culture, since the feds dangle money over the states' heads to make them do their nefarious bidding. (For more on this, check out my blog Time To Kill The Seventeenth Amendment.)

Reason#2 Why the Progressiveviks are really Nazis: Both believe in the selective breeding of human beings and attaching dollar values to human life.

The Nazis believed wholeheartedly in the concept of the Ubermensch, or superman. (No, Olbermann, not Christopher Reeves. Here, take my keys and go play quietly in the corner until the adults are finished speaking.) The Nazis purposely tried to breed a master race to help them conquer the world. They would often encourage their elites, like the SS, to produce as many children as possible, preferrably with blue eyes and blond hair. Those who weren't born with those characteristics were treated shabbily, but as long as they were useful, they were allowed to live. If they were born with some sort of defect, they were sent to Aktion T4 and were exterminated, all for the convenience of the Reich government. (Why should the Reich have to pay to take care of someone who can't work or fight ?)

American Progressiveviks aren't looking for the Aryan ideal, but they seek to exterminate the imperfect nonetheless with one of their sacred cows, abortion. There are thousands of stories in which babies appeared to have some sort of horrible defect on a sonogram, but were born a-ok nonetheless. The Pro-Death advocates (They don't believe in choice at all, don't let them fool you. If they believed in choice, the fetus would have some say, right ? Their very existence as a living, innocent being is their say.) argue that is "unfair" to bring a child into the world with a club foot, or spina bifida, or some other defect. So their answer to this genetic "injustice" is murder, which is exactly what abortion is. God only knows what horrors the Nazis would have unleashed if they had sonograms back then.

Then, there's the "Right to Die" euthanasia crowd that wants to help the sick commit suicide, which is creepy enough, but what are we to make of Ezekiel Emmanuel and his "complete lives" system, that if Progressiveviks had their way with HR 3200, would have determined the value of human life in the terms of dollars and cents and whether or not a person had a right to medical care ? Is that not out of Heinrich Himmler's playbook ? Yet, the Progressiveviks argued that the very young and the very old were not as valuable as someone in their twenties or thirties. You remain unconvinced, I see. Here's a quote from Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's former labor secretary and current Obama economic advisor (Let's not also forget, rampaging Progressivevik.):

"We're going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too expensive...so we're going to let you die." (Boy, does this guy's last name fit him, or what ?)

Reason#3Why the Progressiveviks are really Nazis: Both are at war with God and religion.

The Nazis' favorite targets were the Jews, to be sure, but religion was a close second. The Nazi church law declared that the Cross be removed from all churches in Germany and replaced by the Swastika. Martin Bormann, Hitler's favorite toady next to Albert Speer, once wrote an article titled "Christianity is incompatible with National Socialism." In fact, Hitler even tried to replace Christmas with "yuletide" so no one's birthday, not even Christ's, would be celebrated more than his. Hitler is even quoted as saying this by Henry Picker at one of his "table talks" :

"The greatest harm to our people are our pastors in both churches." and Robert D'Harcourt quotes Hitler as saying this: "Judaism, Christianity, Bolshevism are all bound together. Comrades in agitation, born tools of decay, they posess, the same talent to destroy the natural structure of society."

If I didn't know that those quotes came from Hitler, I'd think that they came from some empty suit at the ACLU, wouldn't you ?

The Progressiveviks hate religion as much as Hitler and the Nazis did, but unfortunately for them, most Americans do not, so the church wreckings and sending pastors to death camps will have to wait. So instead, they circulate lies, like the Founding Fathers were agnostics and atheists, and have their legal eagle Stormtroopers, the ACLU, harrass religion in any way it can. (Except for Radical Islam, which the Progressiveviks tolerate since it is at war with the US.) They create "art" like a Crucifix in a jar of urine or a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant poop and demand that the American taxpayer pay for it. (Thank you very damn much for the NEA, Progressiveviks! It's the gift that keeps on taking.) Chairman Obama has gotten in on the "We hate God" antics as well, mentioning that voters in rural Pennsylvania were "clinging" to their guns and religion because they're bitter, and once he even had a Crucifix covered up at a speech at Georgetown.

I could go on and on, but I'm no expert, but Jonah Goldberg is. Liberal Fascism is a must read for any Conservative who gets tired of being called a goose stepper by actual goose steppers.

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