Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fresh Meat For The Watchdogs

I'm going to throw a slab fresh meat to the "conspiracy" theorists whose official Glenn Beck tinfoil hats are too tight.

SEIU, uh, head honcho Andy Stern has been named by Chairman Barack Obama to his new deficit commission, according to the Associated Depressed. If you'll go back to the rather boring State of Confusion Address, you'll recall that Chairman Obama used an executive order to create this commission, since it was killed in the Imperial Senate.

Um, out of normal and healthy curiosity, what makes him qualified for this ? More importantly, how much power does this give him ? And, just to be fair, WHERE THE HELL IS THE UNITED STATES SENATE ? WILL THERE BE ANY SORT OF OVERSIGHT ON THIS  ? WILL THERE BE ANY CONFIRMATION OF THIS APPOINTMENT ?

On paper, a deficit commission looks like the right thing to do, but like everything else our Dear Leader proposes, it secretly sucks, pardon my language. How can we have someone who is in bed with the Artists Formerly Known As ACORN in any sort of position of authority over any thing ? The last time I checked, until FOX News rooted them out, SEIU and The Artists Formerly Known As ACORN shared the same spooky hideout in a former Louisiana funeral home. To say Andy Stern didn't know what The Artists Formerly Known As ACORN was up to with their voter registration scams and God-knows what else is an exercise of intellectual dishonesty. While we're on the subject, why would Chairman Obama appoint a person who heads an organization that has beaten up protesters at town hall meetings to anything ? Tell us, Chairman Obama, enquiring minds want to know.

The Associated Depressed also gives us this little tidbit, nice and juicy, filled with beef byproducts and a whole lot of cholesterol:

The commission's goal is to slash the budget gap to around 3% of gross domestic product by 2015, from its projected level of 10.6% in the current fiscal year. Mr. Obama [This is the Associated Depressed calling him Mr. Obama. He will always be Chairman Obama to me.] has indicated nothing, including middle class tax increases will be off the table for the panel, despite his long running campaign pledge not to boost taxes on households making less than $250,000.

[Message from Thought Police: You're pushing your luck, pal.]

I don't recall voting for Andy Stern, do you ? I know it's a hate crime to mention this, but what the hell ? Didn't we fight a Revolutionary War about "No Taxation Without Representation ?" Are you sh-- [Sentence deleted by Thought Police for being offensive to Big Brother] Sure, there will be some sitting members of Congress on this panel to give Chairman Obama some cover, but this is as close to a dictatorship as it gets. When someone who wasn't voted into office by the people and gets to decide their future, it's fascism, plain and simple. I know Stern can't actually write the laws, but I can't help but wonder how much Obama owes him in political favors. After all, SEIU did give Chairman Obama over 60 million dollars in campaign contributions.

And another thing--[Message from Thought Police: You've been warned enough, Absolutely Nobama! Room 101!]

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