Saturday, January 23, 2010

Republican Wimps!

Just when I thought I was back in, they push me back out.

A couple of months ago, when Joe Wilson was forced to apologize for calling out Chairman Obama on his falsehoods by the Republican leadership, I had enough and left the Republican party and joined the Libertarian party. Forcing Wilson to apologize was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I was tired of the lies and the liars who told them. I grew weary of defending Republican policies that were nothing more than liberal policies with an -R stamp of approval. (Like No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D, to name a few.)

Then, Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. Maybe the GOP wasn't the collection of wimps that I thought they were. (Not only that, who the hell wants to vote for people they've never heard of or vote for people their own mother isn't voting for ?) I really thought the GOP finally got the message and decided to act like Conservatives, not like socialist lites. I was finally ready to get that elephant tattoo I've always wanted. (I'm afraid of needles the way liberals are afraid of getting jobs.)

Then, like clockwork, the Republicans let me down once again. Just when they have victory tossed in their lap by The Supreme Court, John McPain and Olympia Snowejob channeled their inner liberal by complaining that the Court found McPain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill was unconstitutional. I was crushed. They stabbed me in the back again.

The McPain-Feingold bill "regulates" who gives what political donation to whom and who could fund political ads and when they could be ran in federal campaigns. In other words, some non-elected bureaucrat in the Federal Election Commitee was going to chill Freedom of Speech to make campaigns "fair." McPain-Feingold was supposed to limit corporate and union donations but ended up attacking non profits like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and (Yeah, I'm defending them in this case.) Their crime ? Not registering as political committees with the FEC. Since when do you have to register with the government to exercise your right to Free Speech ?

This venture into fascism was brought to a head by Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Apparently some documentary on Hillary Clinton did not meet the bureaucracy's standard of what was and was not a political ad. This would be fine if we lived in Nazi Germany, but much to the dismay of Ed Schultz, we don't. The Court did its job and struck down this nonsense and killed most of McPain Feingold.

On paper, it looked like John McPain and Pus Feingold had the right idea. They were trying to "protect" the American people from the special interests. However, there are plenty of holes in their argument. The first hole ? Special interests are only dangerous after elections because politicians are more than willing to throw them under the bus no matter how much cash they put in a politician's war chest. For example, let's take Chairman Obama and his buddies at SEIU. SEIU handed the Dear Leader over 60 million reasons to keep them in his thoughts and prayers during the campaign. Then, when the reality of having to pay for Obamacareless hit Congress in the jaw, the Merry Band of Socialists cooked a scheme to have unions pay a special tax on their "Cadillac" health care plans. Naturally, Andy Stern, The SEIU Reichsfuhrer was outraged. He marched into Obama's office and called in a favor, and thus unions were exempted from the "Cadillac" tax, against Obama's will. The Dear Leader knew Obamacareless would die without the tax (at the time, he fully expected Martha/Marcia Coakley to kick Brown's tail.), and he was more than willing to throw SEIU the bus to get his signature socialist program passed. The second hole ? Special interests like and The Swift Boat Veterans aren't looking to influence the election as much as they are looking to get their message out to the public while the public is paying attention to something other than American Idol. The Swifties didn't care if you voted for George W. Bush, they only cared that John Kerry was exposed for the fraud that he is. just wanted to get their message out that America sucks. The third hole ? Political ads don't change anyone's mind of who they're voting for, they only appeal to the base of a candidate. No one was going to abandon Sarah Palin and her very old and confused running mate because of some "Hopey Changey" ad by the Obama machine, just like the jobless, twenty something yearolds living on their parents' couch weren't going to moved by some commercial that detailed McPain's Vietnam experience.

I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm ever going to rejoin the Republican party. I reject the Socialist Democrat party because they reject the Constitution and Freedom of Speech. I'll keep rejecting the Republican party as long as Olympia Snowejob and John McPain are still in the party. They are after all, doing the same thing.

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