Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Nazis Are Coming! The Nazis Are Coming!

The HuffingtonPuffington Post is up to their old tricks. Today, they ran a piece called "Neo-Nazis, Millitants Eye Tea Party for Recruitment" by Alex Brant-Zawadzki. In this latest hit piece against everyday Americans who stand up to liberal elitism, this "journalist" from San Francisco claims Neo-Nazis see the Tea Party Movement as a fertile breeding ground for their stupidity.

I gotta hand it to the HuffingtonPuffington Post. They know how to make me laugh in these troubled times.

I don't know if anyone in the liberal elite establishment knows or even cares, there are many black Partygoers. In the Parties I've attended, Col. Allen West, a black Conservative, was mobbed by Partygoers like he was the Second Coming. Here in Florida, many of the Partygoers are of Cuban descent. In fact, when Florida Tea Party members aren't gushing over Col. West, they're hanging on Senate candidate Marco Rubio's every word as if he came down from Mt. Limbaugh carrying two Conservative stone tablets.

I'd be hard pressed to call that a fertile breeding ground for the Aryan Nation, wouldn't you ?

Now of course, the racist liberals don't see it that way. They can't afford to. Battling imaginary racism is a big business for them. They profit by creating division and sowing the seeds of discontent that keep them in office. If it weren't for liberals and their quest to control minds and hearts, there would be no racism in America. These disciples of Saul Alinsky have realized that a House Divided is much easier to control than a House United. Don't believe me ? Check out Chairman Obama's reference to his own grandmother as a "typical white person", Harry (I Surrender) Reid's view of the black dialect, and the ever so quotable Chrissy Matthews who forgot for an hour that Chairman Obama was black. Do you see this poison coming out of the mouths of Conservatives ? Negative.

Want a color blind society ? Get rid of those racist liberals.

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