Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hide The Children! Glenn Beck Is Coming!

Recently, Roger Ailes, The Truth Czar and head honcho of Fox News, had a round table discussion with the boring Paul Krugman and the even more boring Arianna Huffington on the Sunday morning snoozefest This Week. Inevitably, in a world going to hell faster than you can say "Obama was one big mistake", the main topic was Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck is their big worry ? We have a government that is out of control and spending every dollar not nailed down, and this is their big concern ? We have a government with over 100 trillion dollars in unpaid liabilities, and yet they're worried about some political commentator ? We have young men in Afghanistan fighting for the survival of our country and dying not old enough to shave, but this is what they're worried about ? We have a federal government that has thrown the Constitution into a recycling bin and we have these supposed intellectuals worrying about someone who looks like a cartoon character.

Despite what bigbrained lackwits like Krugman and Huffington think, Glenn Beck has never tried to incite violence or smear anyone. He is simply an everyday person asking easy to answer questions that the powerful elite in Washington choose not answer. He goes after Republicans just as much as he does Democrats. The funny thing is, all of Beck's research is easily reproduced by the Right Wing attack machine known as "Google". There are no hidden tricks, no secrets. According to Beck, the White House can call his little red phone and clear up any misconceptions and yet, they choose not to. Assuming this isn't just a prop, it would mean that Beck has yet to say anything that isn't true, right ?

It's funny, but I don't recall the hack Krugman or talentless Huffington bemoaning the swastikas that were painted on pictures of George Bush. Where was their outrage when another one of their brood, the human rat Keith Olbermann called on Bush to resign ? Oh, Krugman and Huffington were there. They were fanning the flames. If Glenn Beck were to do that, no one would be able to log onto the Internet for days on end as the unemployed left wing bloggers would churn out one unreadable blog after another demanding that Beck should be sent to Gitmo and be waterboarded.

There's nothing worse than bullies who can dish it out but not take it.

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